Chemical ionization mass spectrometers deliver sub-ppt limits of detection for the measurement of VOCs and VICs, optimized for use in laboratories, industrial sites, and mobile applications.

CI-TOF reports concentrations of volatile organic and inorganic compounds (VOCs and VICs) with part-per trillion (ppt) limits of detection. CI-TOF limits fragmentation so that molecular ions can be observed in real-time at high-resolution, allowing for the characterization of complex mixtures without traditional chromatography methods.

Reagent Ion: H3O+ (PTR) (Small oxygenated compounds, polar molecules, BTEX, PAHs, other aromatics), I-CIMS (Oxygenated organics, acids, peroxides, inorganic acids, inorganic compounds).

Model: 2R

Resolving Power: 10000 m/Δm

LOD: 1 | 10 (xylene for PTR and Levoglucosan for AIM)

Sensitivity: 30000 (xylene for PTR and Levoglucosan for AIM)

Size: 170 | 480 x 615 x 1480

Power: 800