Professor Ru-Jin Huang was elected to the Member of The Academia Europaea (MAE)

On the 24th of May, the Board of trustees of the Academia Europaea were honoured to authorise the election to membership of 470 eminent international scholars. These scholars have been elected following a rigorous peer review process. Prof. Ru-Jin Huang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences was elected to a Foreign Member of The Academia Europaea.

Academia Europaea is the advancement and propagation of excellence in scholarship in the humanities, law, the economic, social, and political sciences, mathematics, medicine, and all branches of natural and technological sciences anywhere in the world for the public benefit and for the advancement of the education of the public of all ages. The aim of the Academy is to promote European research, advise governments and international organisations in scientific matters, and further interdisciplinary and international research.

Prof. Rujin Huang has long been engaged in aerosol chemistry, sources, optical properties and health effects, as well as the formation mechanism of secondary organic aerosols. He applies advanced mass spectrometry technology and analytical methods to field observation and laboratory research and has published more than 200 SCI papers in Nature, Nature Geoscience, Nature Sustainability, Nature Communications, PNAS, ES&T, ACP, GRL and other international journals.